March 19th, 2015

Group Insurance Parameters for 2015-2016

Starting on April 1st, 2015, you will need to use new parameters to calculate contributions to the Desjardins group insurance plan by your employees.

You priority notification you received is allowing you to modify your parameters to calculate contributions to the group insurance plan. New parameters will be effective on April 1st, 2015. Changes are being made according to the information we received from Desjardins.

Procedure for clients using the regular models since April 1st, 2014 (most Gestionnaire customers):

To set the new insurance plan parameters for each employee who is participating to it, simply go to the Insurance tab file for each one of them and add a line in the calendar (right click on the mouse and then “Add”). A line with the appropriate dates (2015-2016) will appear automatically. Then, you must select the correct model (A, B or C), the union and the salary of the employee. You also need to make sure that the plan types (individual, single parent or family) of the previous year are still valid.

Procedure for clients using personalized models from the Gestionnaire:

If you have already created your personalized models (e.g.: if the employer shares the cost of the insurance) and if you would like to continue using those, you will need to recreate your models with the group insurance wizard. In the main menu, select Human Resources / Wizards / Group Insurance – Create a template (as you did on April 1st 2014 but this time, select the 2015-2016 period). Finally, you must also set the parameters in each employee file (follow the procedure for customers using the regular models described above).

For assistance, contact Customer Support at 1 800-463-5066.