February 25th, 2016

Important – Error in the production of R30 slips

Holidays mistakenly included in the initial calculation

An error was discovered in the English version of the Gestionnaire in the R30 Slips Production Wizard. Holidays (attendance code “H”) were mistakenly included in the calculation of the number of days on the R30 slip.

A priority notification was sent to correct this error. If you have not yet produced your R30 slips, you can proceed without any problem, as your software is now up-to-date. For the step-by-step procedure, please refer to the Guide for the production of year-end receipts for 2015.

If you have already filed you R30 slips, you will need to produce amended ones, as your original R30 slips contain inaccurate information.To do so, simply follow the procedure described in the Guide for the production of year-end receipts for 2015, with one small change: When using the R30 Slip Production Wizard, instead of selecting the option “Produce original tax slips”, you must select “Produce amended tax slips”. The rest of the procedure remains the same. Please note that you will have to send the amended file again to Revenu Québec, and copies to the parents.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation. Should you need assistance, feel free to contact our Customer Service at 1 800 463-5066 or at gestionnaire.info@acceo.com. We will be happy to assist.