June 16th, 2015

New Data File Generator for Morneau Shepell

New Provider of Pension Plan Administration Services effective in July, 2015

New frequency for the production of remittances as of June 1st, 2015, and new procedure to submit your data starting July 13, 2015.

Following a notice sent by the Committee for the Régime de retraite du personnel des CPE et des garderies privées conventionnées du Québec (RRCPEGQ), you will need to make some changes to the way you are submitting data and contributions. You will need to calculate and entrer these informations for each pay period in Morneau Shepell’s transactional site, Ariel Portal.

Please note that your Gestionnaire software does not allow you to send your remittances to AON for pays made after May 31, 2015. Although Gestionnaire is already set up to calculate and transfer remittances and reports in accordance with new pay periods starting June 1st, 2015, this functionality has currently been disabled. It will be re-enabled before July 13, 2015.

Starting July 13, 2015, you will need to enter your data manually in the Ariel Portal for each pay period. In order to simplify this operation and to save you additional work, Gestionnaire has been working in collaboration with Morneau Shepell to develop an option to generate a data transfer file using a new wizard. At a cost of $195 plus taxes, this option will allow you to easily generate a data file, making the import of your personal and financial transactions into the Ariel Portal simpler and faster.

In order to prioritize your installation, we give you the opportunity to pre-order this option today. You will receive a communication when this new option becomes available. The Gestionnaire team will send you an invoice confirming your order via your Gestionnaire client portal. Please note that this option might be gradually deployed to small groups over the course of a few months if the number of orders received is high. In such a case, the installation order will be based on the date at which you completed your order.

Until this new option is available, you will have to manually enter your personal and financial transactions details calculated by the Gestionnaire for each payroll period paid after June 1st, 2015.

Order the Morneau Shepell data file generator

To pre-order the option, click on the yellow link above. For any other question about the data file generator, contact us by email at gestionnaire.info@acceo.com.

For additional information on Morneau Shepell’s new Arial Portal transactional site, please contact an Employer Childcare Services Contact Center representative at 1 844 880-9140.