September 18th, 2014

New Features for Release 3.3.5

New features and improvements will be available in your software in the next few weeks. A message will appear when your software opens up only when version 3.3.5 is available for download.

Childcare Module :

  • Possibility of doing general billing and payment receipts for the General Directory files
  • Possibility to save the weight history of every child
  • HCPs special days report (Coordinating Offices only)
  • Additional information concerning an HCP certification in a new sub-tab, HCP file

Finance Module :

  • Possibility to do transfers between various bank accounts, therefore reduce manual errors

Human Resources Module :

  • With the addition of 5 banks of hours for the employees, you will no longer need to use an Excel file in parallel to ensure proper tracking of hours
  • Management of cumulative hours and hours in the bank by job category
  • Automatic management of hours and contributions to the Pension Plan (payroll)
  • QPP contribution management for employees who are in phased retirement

Eco2 Option :

  • New file with history of mailings made with the Eco2 option
  • Possibility to select parents from several groups in one batch mailing
  • Possibility to select parents by specific children files
  • Addition of payment receipts for mailings made with the Eco2 option to employees, parents or to General Directory recipients

Gestionnaire Webmaster :

  • Import of notes included in the timesheets entered in Gestionnaire Webmaster
  • Comments can be added by accounting in the “Notes” field of timesheets
  • For HCPs, export of special days from the Gestionnaire to the Gestionnaire Webmaster

To view the documentation on this lastest release and on previous releases, go to the Documentation section.