December 23rd, 2014

New Features for Release 3.4.0

New features and improvements will be available in your software starting January 20, 2015. A message will appear when your software opens up only when version 3.4.0 is available for download.

Childcare Module:

  • The reference Federal Tax Receipt has been added on the federal receipts issued to the parents and guardians.
  • Addition of the Official Tax Slips tab in the parents and guardians files. This allows viewing of the original tax slips produced, as well as amended or cancelled tax slips.
  • Percentage distribution of the invoice for childcare costs between 2 parents, for the same child.
  • New Attendance Record report.

Human Resources Module:

  • New possibility to manage boxes K (trips made by a resident of a designated remote area) and G-1 (Taxable benefits paid in Kind) regarding the RL-1 slips production for the employees.
  • Production of tax slips as XML files allowing export of files to the secured CRA website.

Eco2 Option:

  • Improvements to the filter regarding the child’s membership while doing a batch mailing to parents and guardians.
  • Possibility to send emails to more than one recipient at a time (up to 2 emails in cc).

Improvements to all types of annual receipts:

  • The option Simulate tax slip production has been added, allowing you to view the tax receipts before producing the official slips.

General Features:

  • Support of screen display resolution of 125%.

To view the documentation on this lastest release and on previous releases, go to the Documentation section.