December 17th, 2014

New features for the Eco2 option

Are you ready to send your annual receipts using the Eco2 option?

Since the beginning of 2014, you are able to send your federal receipts and RL-24 to parents, RL-27 and T4A to HCPs, and RL-1 and T4 to employees with the Eco2 option. Recently, new functionalities have been added to the Eco2 option and to the Dokmail secured website. More new features to come in January 2015!

Some of the improvements to the Dokmail secured website:

  • Selection of frequency and mailing preferences by the user
  • The new email scheduling option enables the user to receive an email summary of new documents within the time period selected
  • Unsubscription made easy for the user for any emails sent through Dokmail in order to comply to the Anti-Spam Law
  • Possibility to resubscribe to Dokmail in case emails have been marked as SPAM by the user

Upcoming new features of the Eco2 option:

  • Possibility to send emails to more than one recipient at a time (up to 2 email adresses in cc)
  • When sending a batch mailing to parents and guardians, better selections of children groups

Reduce your postage fees with the Eco2 option!

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