June 1st, 2015

New Features for Version 3.4.6

New features and improvements will be available in your software starting June 1, 2015. When version 3.4.6 is available for download, a message will appear upon opening your software.

Childcare Module:

  • New Subsidy payment slip for HCPs represented by FIPEQ-CSQ. If your HCP Union is set to FIPEQ-CSQ, this new slip will be printed at the end of the HCP Compensation Wizard . The report can be sent via Eco².

Human Resources Module:

  • Release 3.4.6 includes a new feature allowing you to determine the effective date for the new salary scales. Clients who have not received the letter from the MFA are not affected by this change for the moment. However, if you have to make this change, please see the 3.4.6 release notes in the Documentation section of your portal.

To view the documentation on this lastest release and on previous releases, go to the Documentation section.