April 27th, 2016

New Features of Release 3.5.3

New features and improvements will soon be available in your software. When version 3.5.3 is ready for download, a message will appear upon opening your software.

Childcare Module:

  • The Occupancy Rate Table 1A has been updated
  • The Statement of subsidies granted to HCPs report has been updated
  • New detailed report for the Statement of subsidies granted to HCPs

Finances Module:

  • The year 2015-2016 has been added to the Annual Financial Report wizard
  • The Employee Remuneration has been updated
  • New Employee Remuneration report for assistant educators

Eco2 option:

  • Green leaf button added next to email addresses to easily send an email via Eco² to the person.

To view the documentation on this lastest release and on previous releases, go to the Documentation section.