Tips and Tricks

April 5th, 2013

Annual amounts for pension plan

Each year, before you can produce year-end statements for your employees, you must enter pension plan amounts according to the list that was sent to you by Aon. These amounts will appear in box 20 and box 52 of the T4 statements and in box D of the R-1 statements.

Normally, pension plan amounts as sent by Aon should match amounts deducted in pays during the year. For this reason, the annual pension plan amounts registration wizard will now propose to you default amounts as calculated in the year’s pays. These amounts will appear in yellow to indicate that they are calculated amounts and not amounts that you have confirmed. If some amounts do not match the amounts you have received from Aon, you can make the necessary modifications before saving it.

Attention: even if default amounts are proposed to you, they must be saved in order to appear on the T4 and R-1 statements.