Tips and Tricks

May 31st, 2013

Automatic calculation of holiday pay

Gestionnaire allows you to calculate automatically the holiday pay according to wages earned during the 4 previous weeks. Québec labour standards’ “legal” ratio is 1/20 but other ratios are in use under some collective agreements and can be used for employees working on a 4 days/week schedule (1/16 ratio) or a 4-5 days/week alternating schedule (1/18 ratio).

In the Employees/Settings tab, you can select the desired calculation mode for holiday pay:

- Regular Schedule: default hours and rates will be used upon the occurrence of holidays,

- 1/20 ( 4 previous weeks),

- 1/18 ( 4 previous weeks),

- 1/16 (4 previous weeks),

- None: for part-time or casual employees who receive a compensation amount on each pay (using a “benefits” %) instead of holiday pays.