Tips and Tricks

May 17th, 2013

Personal/sick leave days in bank

It is now possible to bank a given percentage of your employees’ (i.e. mostly occasional or part-time) gross wages for personal or sick leave days. Enter the percentage in the “Leave Bank” field in the employees’ settings.

In the Payroll Calculation wizard, amounts to be banked will be calculated on payroll items for which the “L.E.” (i.e. eligible to leave days) option has been checked and will appear in the payslip header and in the “Summary” section in employees’ settings. To pay off cumulated amounts, you can use the “Paid Leave (Hours)” or “Paid Leave” system items or any user-defined item for which the “L.P.” (i.e. leave pay) option has been checked.

The “List of Payable Leave Days” (in Employees/Banks, Vacations and Leave Days) and “Leave Days History” (in Employees/History) reports will give you, respectively, the summary and detail of cumulated amounts for personal or sick leave days.

In the Adjustments wizard, the “Leave Days Payable” option allows you to modify banked amounts as for accrued and payable vacation.