Tips and Tricks

January 31st, 2013

Provision for holidays

You can now provision a percentage of each pay for holidays, e.g., personal and sick days. In employee settings, select the “Percentage to be banked on each pay” holiday pay calculation mode, and then enter the percentage. The provision will be calculated on pay items checked “E.H.”

For a holiday (i.e. an “H” code in the Special Days calendar), the Payroll Calculation wizard will pay the employee for a normal day’s work by default, up to the banked provision amount, using the “Paid Holiday (Hours)” pay hourly rate item. You can also pay this provision, in part or in whole, with the “Paid Holiday” fixed salary pay item.

To enter the provision that, until now, would have been calculated manually, use the Adjustments wizard’s “Holidays Payable” option.