Tips and Tricks

January 17th, 2013

Salary scale management

Henceforth, the Salary Scale Management wizard will allow you to modify the rate of a grade used in pays. The wizard automatically calculates the retroactive amount to be paid for each employee per year, job category, division, project and eligibility to PP, in accordance with the time sheets in the modified period.

The Payroll Calculation wizard then presents you with the retroactive amounts calculated. These amounts, which use the “Salary Scale Retroactive Pay Eligible to PP” and “Salary Scale Retroactive Pay Non-eligible to PP” system items, appear in blue.

If you modify a pay that had already been calculated with an old rate, the grade whose rate has been modified will have the suffix “- Archived” (e.g. “1.0 – Archived”) to differentiate it from the grade with the new rate. The wizard will calculate the additional retroactivity required or excess retroactivity paid, as the case may be.