Tips and Tricks

December 14th, 2012

Validation of number of days per subsidized place for HCPs

In the Childcare Fees Management wizard, the maximum number of RPC days per subsidized place for HCPs is now validated and a warning message will appear whenever the maximum is exceeded for an HCP.

Normally, the number of RPC days per subsidized place (number of RCP days / annualized number of subsidized place) should not exceed 236 or 237 (number of business days – number of APSS days during the year).

If a message indicates this number has been exceeded for an HCP, first make sure that the number of subsidized places attributed to the HCP and corresponding date ranges are correct (in the HCPs/Settings tab). If you get this message towards the end of the year, make sure the HCP has used all of her APSS days (in the HCPs/Day Banks tab). And finally, verify if the HCP has exceeded the number of places that was attributed to her (see Actual Occupancy of Subsidized Places report in the Report Centre under HCPs/Detailed Occupancy of Subsidized Places).