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Childcare administration management

Leverage the benefits of centralized management: reduce workload, increase profitability, and save time and money. Perform administrative tasks accurately and efficiently with our integrated Childcare module. ACCEO Childcare Services software tools make it easier to manage children and parent records, billing and collection, issuing tax receipts and producing year-end statements.

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Our complementary modules:

Financial management

The Financial Management module provides all the essential accounting tools to manage your day care, from banking and accounts payable to producing reports and financial statements.

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Human resources management

The Human Resource Management module includes tools for operations like managing employee records, processing payroll, producing statements, and payroll remittances and deductions.

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Customized software for your unique childcare service

The ACCEO Childcare Service software adapts to specific needs by offering custom features for every different type of childcare service.

Early childhood centre (CPE) and subsidized day care

  • Manage occupancy levels
  • Manage group insurance
  • Print attendance sheets
  • Produce annual financial reports
  • Ministry chart of accounts

Coordinating office and agency

  • Manage home childcare providers
  • Subsidy calculations
  • Subsidy payments

Non-subsidized day care

  • Manage Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans (VRSPs)
  • Manage waiting lists
  • Integrated accounting tool

Take advantage of our options and create your solution

Website creation

Create a website and include up to four secure environments for parents, employees, board members and childcare providers.

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Eco2 communication tool

Secure means for sending invoices, statements and other documents to the various stakeholders in your childcare service.

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Online backup

Backup your operations with our automatic and secure online backup system, in the event of a server outage.

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