Import Bridges – Amisgest

Simplify data transfer in your software

We have partnered with Amisgest Technologie inc. to bring you two bridges enabling the transfer of data from your Amisgest SDG software to your ACCEO Childcare Services software.

Bridge – Import Attendance

  • Import of child attendance data to ACCEO Childcare Services at the frequency of your choice
  • Automatic calculation of late fees and extra childcare hours (RPC surcharge) for invoicing purposes
  • Ability to make changes to attendance data imported

Bridge – Import Timesheets

  • Import of actual hours worked by employees per day, per week, or per pay period
  • Ability to redistribute, upon data import, hours worked according to type of hours or employment category

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Is data imported to ACCEO Childcare Services automatically?

No. Data are imported to ACCEO Childcare Serviceswith the help of a wizard.

Is vacation taken into account when child attendance data are imported?

Yes. Vacation time is taken into account if it has already been entered into child records.

If I don't already have the attendance and time management solution, can I order the system from you?

No. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly (Amisgest Technologie inc. or solutions Winpunch inc.).

Do I need to pay extra fees if I have several childcare facilities as part of my daycare centre?

No. The bridge applies to all your facilities if they are managed in a single ACCEO Childcare Services database.

Is a maintenance contract required for use of the bridges with ACCEO Childcare Services?

The bridges will work as long as the maintenance fees are paid.

Order your bridges now!

In order to prioritize bridge deployment, we are giving you the chance to order one bridge or both right now.

  • Purchase of one bridge: one-time fee of $995 + annual service fee* of $205
  • Purchase of both bridges: one-time fee of $1,490 + annual service fee* of $315

*The service fee includes updates and telephone support.

You save $500 when you buy both bridges (the price of the second bridge will be $495 instead of $995). You can also obtain this rebate if you purchase the second bridge at a later date.

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