June 12th, 2014

Keep your data safe with Secured Online Backup

Can you afford to loose your data on children, parents, employees and suppliers?

Stop worrying about incomplete or forgotten backups, stolen or lost backup disks, tapes or USB keys, or about your damaged or destroyed hard drive following a disaster. The Gestionnaire is offering you an automatic and secure data backup system: Secured Online Backup.

With Secured Online Backup :

  • Perform a complete backup per day and make sure you have quick access to the most recent datea in the event of a broken server or computer, theft or disaster
  • Ensure easy and quick recovery of any previously modified document (60-day history)
  • Avoid the high costs associated with the loss of your financial data, payroll history, parents and children folders
  • Prevent confidential information from children, parents, employees and suppliers are getting into the wrong hands

Chose safety, siimplicity and savings of time and money!

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Did you know…

  • 93% of companies that have lost access to their company data for 10 days or more will go bankrupt within a year?
  • That recovering data on a faulty hard drive can cost up to $7,500 and the results are not guaranteed?

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*When you get a yearly subscription, 3 additional months will be added to your contract.