Optimize your time and ensure the profitability of your installation by using ours options designed specifically for childcare centres

Communication tools

Eco2(Dokmail) is a document management and a communication tool that is integrated to our management softwares that lets you communicate with parents, employees, your HCPs and your suppliers easily, efficiently and securely.

Eco2 option
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Website creation

Webmaster is a website creation software specifically designed to meet childcare centres’ needs. Create your website yourself and synchronize data with our management softwares.

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Import Bridges – Amisgest

Designed to make management operations simpler, the child attendance and employee timesheet bridges enable the sharing of Amisgest SDG data with ACCEO Childcare services software.

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Secured Online Backup

Online Backup is an automated and secure data backup system that ensures the continuity of your operations in the event of a server failure.

Secured online backup
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Other options

Choice of options to customize our solutions for your specific needs:

  • Network Option (multiple simultaneous users)
  • Electronic Fund Transfer Option (EFT)
  • Multiple Component Option
  • Data Transfer File Generator – Morneau Shepell
  • Transmit ICSGE Data to the MFA
  • The Passerelle 0-5

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