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Communicate more effectively with the Eco2 option

The Eco2 option is document management and an electronic communication tool integrated with ACCEO Childcare Services that lets you communicate by e-mail with the parents, your employees, your HCPs, and your suppliers easily, efficiently and securely. You can also get a quick overview of every communication sent with the Eco2 option in each record.Eco2 will save you countless working hour.

With just a few clicks, send:
- pay slips to your employees or account statements to parents;
- tax receipts to parents;
- employees and HCPs through a secured web site instead of printing them.

The option also offers the possibility to parents, employees, HCPs, and suppliers to refer to archived documents and communications at their convenience on Any message or document sent by your childcare center through their management solution is automatically archived and becomes available for future reference.

Discover the Eco2 option in this video

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Secure, simple, economical.

- Reduce your printing costs
- Optimize you document managment
- Communicate efficiently

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Save time and be more effective!

“Since we started using the Eco2 option, we haven’t needed to print, sort and insert into envelopes our employees’ pay slips. We’ve been saving a lot of time. Our employees appreciate the simple and secure delivery method and really appreciate being able to manage their account on”
CPE Les Copains d’Abord de Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville (QC)

List of frequently asked questions on the Eco2 Option

The Childcare Services team has listed a series of questions frequently asked (FAQ) on the usage of the Eco2 Option. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for below, contact us!

I already send account statements or pay slips by e-mail. How will using Eco2 be any different?

With Eco2, you can be sure you’re sending the right document to the right person – no mistakes. With Eco2, your mailings are sent out in batches, a much speedier process than preparing each document for each individual.

How can I justify purchasing Eco2 option to my board of directors?

Eco2 lets you save money on paper, ink cartridges, and stamps. With Eco2, you also save time!

Not all parents or employees have home Internet access. Can I still e-mail documents to those without a home Internet connection?

There are actually very few people without an e-mail account. For those with no Internet access, however, ACCEO Childcare Services lets you save your mailing preferences directly in your contacts’ files. Eco2 thus lets you manage your paper and e-mail lists simultaneously.

I send confidential documents. Is Eco2 secure?

All documents sent by Eco2 are encrypted and password-protected.

I don't have time to administer my contacts' e-mail addresses and passwords.

You don’t have to worry. On, your contacts can retrieve their forgotten passwords and modify their e-mail addresses themselves. Any changes made to an e-mail address will be automatically saved in the corresponding contact’s file in ACCEO Childcare Services.

I have limited IT knowledge. Can I still install Eco2 by myself?

No training or other prerequisites are necessary to be able to install Eco2. You just have to activate the option in your ACCEO Childcare Services, software and establish the access rights, and you’re ready to go!