Electronic signature

Electronic signature - Attendance record

A practical, secure, and legal solution

ACCEO Childcare Services clients will now have the option to send attendance records to parents for their electronic signature. The electronic signature option will be available by the end of March. Order the new option today and be among the first to enjoy its advantages.

Electronic signature is a fast, secure, and legal way to sign documents. The Ministère de la Famille has approved electronic signature as a legal and valid method under section 123 of the Educational Childcare Act (Règlement sur les services de garde éducatifs à l’enfance [RSGEE]). It’s a simple and ecological solution that saves you time.

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How does it work?

1 – Transmitting documents to parents

Select documents

The childcare centre selects the files of the children whose attendance sheets require signature. The document bears the signature of the person in charge of your childcare centre.

Transfer documents to Tiempo

The Tiempo account for the parent is activated automatically when the first document is sent. The parent is notified by email that their account is activated.

Automated reminder

It is possible to schedule automated reminders for parents who have documents pending their signature.

2 – Parents’ signature on Tiempo

Email notification

The parent receives an email or text message to notify them that there is a new document to sign on the Tiempo application.

Signature or reject

The parent checks the information in their child’s attendance sheet and either signs the document to approve or clicks Reject if the information is incorrect. When an attendance sheet is rejected, the childcare centre receives a notification so that the necessary corrections are made.

Consult and save a document

Parents can consult the attendance sheet at any time in their Tiempo account. They can also download the document in PDF format.

3 – Monitoring signed documents

Synchronization with ACCEO Childcare Services

During the synchronization process, signed documents in Tiempo are updated to the ACCEO Childcare Services software. The childcare centre can check the status of documents sent to parents in the software: signed, pending, or refused.

Signature authentication

Every signed document produces a unique and individual imprint that serves to authenticate the user’s electronic signature. Information such as name, email address, date, and time of signature is collected, as well as information about the device and web browser used.

Document access and backup

Attendance sheets are available in the child’s file. Attendance sheets can be saved individually or combined into a single document. All document backups are stored on our secure servers for a period of 6 years after the child’s departure, in compliance with the requirements of the Ministère de la Famille.

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The electronic signature option will be available by the end of March, to enable parents to approve attendance sheets remotely.

This tool will continue to evolve over the coming months, so as to equip several more ACCEO Childcare Services software documents with electronic signature capabilities.

Order the new option today and be among the first to enjoy its advantages. You will receive an email as soon as it becomes available.


Activation fee and access to the training video: $395

Annual subscription fees:
• 1 installation: $300 per year
• 2 installations: $420 per year
• 3 installations: $540 per year
• 4 installations: $660 per year

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