Employee Schedule Management

Option available in the Human Ressources module

Create and share employee schedules more quickly and more easily with a simple integrated tool

Say goodbye to paper copies and Excel! Reduce your workload by using a tool designed especially for your work environment. This option integrates with our management software to help you create employee schedules and deliver them in various formats. Work more efficiently using this simple scheduling tool.

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Streamline scheduling tasks

Create employee work schedules based on your requirements. Manage schedules by installation and by group of children or by employee.

Schedule parameters

Configure schedules your way

Our parameters provide the flexibility that allows you to create schedules tailored to your needs.

Create time blocks

Enter different time blocks for your schedules (work, breaks, vacation, etc.) and identify them by colour.

Work schedule

Configure the work schedule for your childcare service: select the days of the week and the hours of the day.

Schedule frequency

Set work schedule frequency (weekly or every 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks).

Schedule views

Manage more efficiently using optimal views

Multiple views are available to help you manage your schedules more productively.

Schedule by installation

Produce schedules for installations where you associate groups and employees.

Schedule by group of children

Determine which educators are on duty for group schedules. Assign one or more employees to the same group.

Schedule by employee

Enter work hours, breaks, holidays, etc. in the employee’s schedule.

Create schedules

Quickly create and modify schedules

User-friendly features make it simpler to create schedules.

Add a time block

Select a time block for an employee or a group, define the type, and enter additional information.

Duplicate a time block

Copy and paste a shift or a scheduled day to save time when creating schedules.

Modify a time block

Move a shift from one group or employee to another using drag and drop. Edit the time block in one click.

Share with employees

Once you have created the official schedules, you can distribute them to your employees in the format that works best for you: paper, email, or on the Web.

Distribute schedules

Print, send or share schedules

There are several ways for employees to view their work schedules.

Print on paper

Print employee schedules for each installation at any time.

Send by Eco2

Email employees their schedules through Eco2* using their email address on file.

Share with Tiempo

Share work schedules directly in your employees’ Tiempo* account.

*To use these functionalities, the childcare service must have access to these options.

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Purchase cost: $495
Annual fee: $100
Training by video: $95
Total annual cost of $690 for the first year and $100 for the following years

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