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The Passerelle 0-5

This option lets you quickly import data from La Place 0-5 “Attending” records, right into your management software. This feature makes it easy to create files in your management software for new children attending your daycare. Passerelle 0-5 must be activated in both your management software and La Place 0-5 to authorize the transfer of confidential data. The option is available only for daycares with existing La Place 0-5 accounts.


Transmit ICSGE Data to the MFA

The Transmit ICSGE Data to the MFA option makes it possible to send mandatory information electronically to the Ministère de la Famille (MFA) system for the identification of the clientele of educational daycare services (ICSGE). In one easy step, all the information required by the corresponding new directive will be sent to the MFA’s servers directly from your ACCEO Childcare Services software.
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Data Transfer File Generator – Morneau Shepell

The Data Transfer File Generator option allows you to easily generate a data file, making the import of your personal and financial transactions into the Ariel Portal simpler and faster. ACCEO Childcare Services is already set up to calculate and transfer remittances and reports to your pension plan provider in accordance with your pay periods. The Data Transfer File Generator enables you to quickly transfer your data and contributions in Morneau Shepell’ transactional site, Ariel Portal, for each pay period, instead of doing it manually. Avoid any mistakes during data entry and save time!
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Network Option (multiple simultaneous users)

The Network Option allows more than one user to access your software at the same time. Thus, you can work from a local network, at home, or anywhere else, without having to worry about somebody else using ACCEO Childcare Services software at the same time. To take advantage of this option, you must make sure that your computers are installed in a network mode. Contact your IT technician to complete this installation. (The Childcare Services team does not offer this service.)

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Electronic Fund Transfer Option (EFT)

The Electronic Fund Transfer option lets you make direct deposits into employees’ or HCPs’ accounts, as well as obtain pre-authorized payment of childcare fees from parents’ accounts. You can also pay your suppliers’ invoices by electronic fund transfer.

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Multiple Component Option

The Multiple Component option facilitates revenue and expense breakdown between the different childcare centre (CPE) components. It also allows for integrated management of childcare centres.

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