ActiveGarde and Winpunch Bridges

Attendance and timesheet management made easy!

ACCEO Childcare Services is offering two bridges to facilitate the transfer of Winpunch and ActiveGarde data to Gestionnaire software.

ActiveGarde – Import Attendance

  • Transfer accurate attendance data to Gestionnaire in a single step.

Winpunch - Import Timesheets

  • Import the hours worked by each of your employees.

The ACCEO Childcare Services team has prepared a list of frequently asked questions about the bridges.
Have a look at our FAQs.

Buy your bridges now!

  • Purchase of one bridge: $995 + annual service fee* of $200
  • Purchase of both bridges: $1,490 + annual service fee* of $305

*The service fee includes updates and telephone support.

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 ActiveGarde Bridge - Import Attendance Winpunch Bridge - Import Timesheets