Secured Online Backup

Secured Online Backup

Is your data safe and secure?

Protect your company’s data with a fully automated backup system

Perform a complete backup per day and make sure you have quick access to the most recent data in the event of a broken server or computer, theft or disaster.

Prevent confidential information from children, parents, employees and suppliers are getting into the wrong hands.

Avoid the high costs associated with the loss of your financial data, payroll history, parents and children folders by using a proven, simple and affordable solution.

Data stored Monthly
Up to 5 GB * 14.95 $ 3 months free
5 up to 10 GB 19.95 $
10 up to 20 GB 24.95 $
20 up to 30 GB 29.95 $
30 up to 40 GB 34.95 $
40 up to 60 GB 39.95 $
60 up to 100 GB 44.95 $
Multiple computers option -
price per additional PC

Or call us at:

1 800 463-5066

* Limited time offer. When you commit to a one-year contract,3 months will be added to your contract.

* Contact us about packages of over 500 GB

One service, two practical applications

  • Ensure total data protection at all times
  • Restore previous versions of your modified documents (up to 60 days)

Why choose ACCEO Solutions’ Secured Online Backup service?

  • The confidentiality and protection of your data are ensured
  • Your data integrity is closely monitored
  • The bandwidth use is optimized as to not impede with Internet surfing
  • Your data are entrusted to a local company whose reputation for customer service and support is well established


Installation of the application by a qualified technician Crochet
Monitoring of data integrity during transfer to the server Crochet
Number of operations unlimited*
Backup frequency unlimited
Daily complete backup Crochet
Copy of files in use (Volume Shadow Copy) Crochet
Data storage in Canada (sheltered against provisions of the USA Patriot Act) Crochet

* ACCEO Solutions ensures that backup has been successfully completed every business day.

Did you know…?

  • That 93 % of companies that have lost access to their business data for 10 days or more will go bankrupt within a year
  • That 31 % of PC users have lost all of their files once in their life through no fault of their own
  • That recovering data on a faulty hard drive can cost up to 7 500 $ and the results are not guaranteed

Answers to your questions

  • You can include more data or documents in your backup other than the ACCEO Childcare Services database. You simply have to chose what needs to be saved with our technician. If you need more data storage capacity, we will charge you the difference between the 2 packages.
  • A data backup is completed every business day. If you wish to establish its exact timing, you can do so with our technician during installation.
  • The “3 free months” offer is applicable on all packages. However, you will receive a credt of maximum $45 on the 3 additionnal months.