Childcare Management

ACCEO Childcare Services

Complete and integrated management software designed to optimize and simplify the management of your childcare centre

Designed for the Canadian market, ACCEO Childcare Services is an integrated and user-friendly management software designed forearly childhood centres (CPEs), private daycare facilities, school daycare services and other childcare centres.

ACCEO Childcare Services is designed to simplify the administrative and accounting tasks associated with running a daycare facility. By considerably reducing the time needed for these tasks, this software helps to ensure significant savings for your organization and allows your staff to concentrate on looking after the children in their care. Whether you are responsible for 50 children or for 1000, ACCEO Childcare Services has all the configurations you need to make your work easier. These are available in both French and English, and can be customized by the user.

Save time and reduce costs with ACCEO Childcare Services’ three integrated modules: Childcare, Finance and Human Resources. To ensure optimal management of your childcare facility, choose the integrated and easy-to-use management software designed to meet the specific requirements of your province.

Exception of Saskatchewan, Alberta, NewFoundland and Northwest Territories.

Why choose an integrated software to ensure the management of your childcare centre? What are the benefits?

  • Keeping a complete record, including photographs, for each child and parent
  • Billing for childcare fees and managing parents’ payments
  • Managing your waiting list
  • Printing your attendance records
  • Issuing tax receipts for parents and employees in facsimile format
  • Producing receipts in XML format for the government
  • Processing payroll and managing salary grades
  • Using a dashboard to manage your administrative tasks
  • Creating hundreds of reports in the format of your choice: Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML
  • Benefiting from high-performance database technology using Microsoft SQL Server
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