Childcare Module

Childcare Module

For optimal management of child and parent records, subsidies, and billing

The Childcare module is a specialized accounts receivable module which facilitates child attendance management, parental billing, processing of subsidies, and issuance of tax receipts. It also lets you manage child and parent information.

Simplify your information management and optimize the profitability of your private day care center or any other type of childcare services centre.

Parents, Guardians and Child Records

  • Registered children report for the activity report of the ministère de la Famille (MFA) *
  • Agenda models with services and default attendance available (services contract)
  • Complete medical records (listing, for example, allergies, dietary restrictions, illnesses, medication instructions, vaccines, incident reports, weight history management)
  • Unlimited number of parents, guardians, payers, and emergency contacts for each child record
  • Option of linking siblings registered at a single childcare centre
  • Fixed periodic billing items (not associated with attendance grid) integrated by default
  • Reports printed in parents’ language of correspondence (English or French)
  • Easy management of sickness day, absence day, vacation day, and professional development day banks (allows you to check bank use per cycle)
  • Management of CPE-CSSS protocol *
  • Management of groups according to age, maximum capacity taken into account
  • Default configuration of maximum infant age (18, 24, 30 months) *
  • Attendance displayed directly in child’s record
  • Complete coordinates: telephone number, emails, home and work addresses
  • Quick view of child records from a parent record
  • Customizable fields
  • Filters enabling communications to selected parents by specific children files via batch mailing with Eco2 **
  • History of mailings made with Eco2 in the Parents’ files **
  • Batch mailing to parents with Eco2 **

* Functionalities available only for Quebec
** Functionalities offered with the Eco2 option

Attendance Management and Occupancy Rate Table

  • Printing of the attendance report *
  • Calculation of occupancy rate *
  • Production of the activity report *
  • Production of a receipt for received childcare services
  • Registration of a child in two different groups for a single attendance week
  • Management of attendance by group, inclusion of history
  • Detailed display of transactions which are part of each attendance
  • Management of special days by location and by home childcare provider (HCP)

* Functionalities available only for Quebec

Billing, Cheques and Payments

  • Quick billing of weekly or monthly childcare fees
  • Percentage distribution of the invoice for childcare costs between 2 parents, for the same child.
  • Integration of fixed items (not associated with the attendance grid) to be billed for each attendance period
  • Calculation of childcare fees by project
  • Creation and printing of federal and provincial tax receipts for parents
  • Creation and management of percentage or cash discounts
  • Provisional discount schedule
  • Conformity with the exact date on which a child is registered as “special Needs” and subsequent revision of billing
  • Speedy printing of invoices, statements, and detailed account histories for parents
  • Management of accounts receivable by aging of accounts
  • Management of pre-paid amounts
  • Retroactive management of childcare rates
  • Recurrent fee billing
  • Billing of fees to parents on waiting list and to General Directory Files
  • Registration of checks without funds and easy management with a Bad Debt Write Off Wizard
  • Multiple users are able to use the Childcare Fees Management Wizard
  • Payment receipt wizards make it possible to enter payment by cheque, cash, pre-authorized payment (PAP) or direct payment
  • Indication of an alternative recipient for a receipt related to a payment
  • Partial retention and validation of credit card numbers for better tracking
  • Invoices, statements of account, detailed history, payment confirmation and receipts, and tax slips can be sent to parents via batch mailing with Eco2 **

** Functionalities offered with the Eco2 option

Inventory Management

  • Inventory management tool for childcare centre property
  • Display of a photo for each item
  • Archiving of record of items lent to employees, parents, HCPs, or any other individual included in the company’s General Directory
  • Insurance claim report

Waiting List Management

For CPE, subsidized day care and non subsidized day care in Quebec

  • Since September 1, 2018, all recognized daycare services (agencies, early childhood centres, daycare centres and HCPs) need to subscribe to La Place 0-5 and use, exclusively, the registration forms submitted by parents from the single file register (guichet unique) to reserve daycare places. La Place 0-5 has become the only entry point for parents to access recognized childcare services in the province of Quebec. Daycare centres established on native territories don’t have the obligation to enroll on La Place 0-5.
  • When welcoming a new child, it will be possible to import the data of the children (and their parents) from La Place 0-5 into the ACCEO Child Care software with the Passerelle 0-5 option.

For school child care services and child care services in provinces of Canada (other than Quebec)

  • Complete records of children on waiting list; records contain the contact information of parents and guardians
  • Multiple selection criteria to assist in filling available spots
  • Provisional schedule of demand for available spots
  • Easy transfer of waiting list records to the registered children records
  • Printing of mailing labels for parents on waiting list

Management of HCPs for Coordinating Offices or Agencies

  • Additional information concerning an HCP certification (last renewal, expiration date, suspension date, expected return date)
  • Calculation and payment of subsidies
  • Reminder system for management of visits and events
  • Management of articles lent to HCPs
  • Note tab allowing compliance officers to add to HCP records
  • Configurable deduction of management fees directly from HCP compensation
  • Option of entering pre-paid amounts for HCPs
  • Production of T4A tax receipts and RL-27 statements *
  • Events reminders sent to HCPs by email via the Eco2 option **
  • List of opening hours and summary of opening hours for HCPs, for every day of the week
  • Validation options for banks of APSS days *
  • Reports with forecasted and actual occupancy of subsidized places as well as RPC occupancy per subsidized place for each HCP *
  • Validation of maximum number of RPC days (0-59 months) per subsidized place *
  • Production of various occupancy rate tables for each HCP *
  • Automatic calculation and withholding of HCP union dues *
  • Union activities and suspension for the DPJ investigation codes in the special days calendar and APSS and union activities on the calendar report *
  • Dynamic management (i.e. according to date ranges) of HCP assistants and number of subsidized places
  • Statement of Subsidies Granted to HCP‘s report available for the Financial Annual Report of current year *
  • Withheld Union Dues Summary report allowing you to get the subsidy amounts (Total Subsidy and Eligible Subsidy) and withheld union dues by HCP’s and by period *
  • Management of Special Days per HCP (determined and non determined APSS) *

* Functionalities available only for Quebec
** Functionalities offered with the Eco2 option

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