Finance Module

Finance Module

To ensure professional daily accounting and an efficient management of your regular transactions

The Finance module includes all the necessary accounting management tools: banking transactions, general journal, General Ledger, deposits, bank reconciliation, budget forecasts, income statement, trial balance, and balance sheet. It also integrates suppliers’ records and accounts payable. Adapted to the specific needs of childcare centres, it integrates project-based and component-based accounting.

Optimize your childcare centre management by producing your annual financial report, your financial statements, and manage the expense distribution by component for supplier records.


  • Banking transactions capture wizard
  • Selection of pre-authorized payments or direct deposits to be included in a batch before closing it
  • Management of the cheque number sequence to match Gestionnaire‘s or Smart Office’s cheque numbers with the preprinted cheque numbers
  • Usage of multiple bank accounts for pre-authorized payments (PAP) and direct deposits (DD)
  • Petty cash management for each installation
  • Transfers between various bank accounts possible
  • Selection of a 12 or 13-period accounting cycle
  • Transaction details in just one click
  • Partial closing of the last period of the year to limit capture of transactions only in the General Ledger
  • Customizable charter of accounts of the MFA *
  • Automatic selection of an accounting item during invoice entry, after entering its number in the supplier’s record
  • Forecast management wizard based on the previous year’s results or forecasts
  • Global budget forecasts, by component or by project
  • Presentation of forecasts in report, table or graph format

* Functionalities available only for Quebec

Supplier Management

  • Complete supplier records with attached invoices
  • Notes tab to include correspondence and comments
  • Customizable fields
  • Quick supplier invoice entry
  • Addition of a supplier during invoice capture
  • Invoice closing entry upon cancellation of an invoice
  • Adjustment of frequency and repetition of supplier invoices
  • Combination of payments by cheque and direct deposits in a single transaction
  • Percentage breakdown of expenses by component for each supplier can be established
  • Payment Confirmation report can be sent directly to suppliers via Eco2 **
  • Batch mailing to suppliers with Eco2 **
  • History of mailings made with Eco2 in the Suppliers’ files **

* Functionalities available only for Quebec
** Functionalities offered with the Eco2 option

Annual Financial Report and Financial Statements

  • Complete financial reports: income statements, balance sheet, trial balance, etc.
  • Production of the annual financial report (AFR) for the ministère de la Famille *
  • Production of the Appendix 4 *
  • Income statement report by account class, according to the charter prescribed by the Ministry
  • Report to the auditor for cancellations and other events to be audited (cancellations, cheque number sequence change, etc.)
  • Display of forecasts at the income statement report production date instead of annual display at any time, thus allowing better tracking of results
  • Year-end simulation (also upon production of the trial balance and the income statement for the first periods of the year, when the previous year is not yet closed)
  • Capital expenditure variation report by component
  • Configuration and production of as many financial statement templates as necessary
  • Creation of new reports from existing ones
  • Customization of financial statements

* Functionalities available only for Quebec

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