Human Resources Module

Human Resources Module

For fast and efficient pay management

The Human Resources module allows capture and processing of information concerning employees and work hours, calculation and disbursement of pay and employer remittances.

Simplify your management of group insurance plan and salary grades.

Pay Calculation

  • Available pay cycles: 12, 13, 24, 26 and 52 pay periods
  • Management of special days (statutory holidays, educational)
  • Automation and choice of calculation mode for holiday pay (regular, part-time or occasional employees, ratio according to the last 4 weeks)
  • Management of wages in lieu of termination notice and retiring allowances
  • Pay calculation by project and by component
  • Temporal management of pay parameters, allowing installation of revisions even if the payrolls have not been completed for the previous year
  • Management of donations deducted from wages and posting to the T4 and RL-1 statements
  • Batch modification or deletion of pays
  • Billing and tracking of accounts receivable for absent employees who contribute to the pension plan or group insurance
  • Addition of comments to the pay record
  • Adjustment of pay expenses upon closing of a General Ledger period
  • Complete pension plan management
  • Management of the Desjardins Group Insurance *
  • Production of Appendix 4 *
  • Payslips can be sent to employees with Eco2

Employee Records and Time Banks

  • Complete employee medical record
  • Insertion of notes and files
  • Management of employee follow-ups with a reminder system (assessments, training to complete, etc.)
  • Designation of one or more supervisors for an employee, for approval of assigned employees’ timesheets with Webmaster
  • Tab displaying the group insurance parameters
  • Display of time bank balances, cumulative hours, vacations accrued and payable in the employee’s record
  • Addition of employees’s sickness or personal day to a bank and pay calculation of this bank as a percentage
  • Calculation of the vacation pay using the hour bank
  • Management of hours worked, accumulated, and payable on a deferred basis
  • Management of accrued overtime and banked hours by job category
  • Temporal management of time banks, allowing consultation of their history
  • Management of ten (10) time banks, including accrued overtime
  • Time sheet report by employee for a period of your choice
  • Invoices, statements of account, payment confirmation and receipts can be sent to employees via batch mailing with Eco2
  • History of mailings made with Eco2 in the Employees’ files

Management of Salary Grades

  • Wizard for grade configuration by job category
  • Automatic rate change in the employee record’s default values according to the new grade assigned
  • Warning when a part-time employee has reached the number of hours required for a level change

Remittances and Payroll Deductions

  • Wizard to produce government, union and Aon retirement remittances
  • Quick payment of dues
  • Possibility to delete and redo a remittance
  • Management of weekly, monthly and bi-monthly remittances
  • Display of pension plan remittances
  • Usage of a different cycle for provincial and federal remittances

Production of Income Tax Statements

  • Integrated wizard simplifying the production of year-end statements
  • Production of T4 and RL-1 (*) statements on paper, in a facsimile format or in XML format (to be sent via Internet)
  • Production and printing of tax slips on paper or in XML format (to be sent via Internet)
  • Production of wages in lieu of termination notice and retiring allowances on the year-end statements
  • Tax receipts can be sent to employees with Eco2

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