«ACCEO Childcare services is a simple software which is easy to use. I has all the essential functions for daycare centre management. » 
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CPE Le Petit Lutin
Stéphanie Dugas Crousset

Le petit lutin

« Entering the data of 895 children requires a lot of time. With the Childcare module, two people can enter different details at once, reducing the workload of both individuals, and making it possible to meet delivery deadlines which are often very tight. »
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CPE La Gatinerie
Lise Hagarty

Le petit lutin

« The Childcare module is perfect for me. It lets me access child lists based on age, gender, and group. I can categorize them as I choose. »
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CPE Croque Lune
Candide Sauvageau

Le petit lutin

« Since we started using the Eco2 option, we haven’t needed to print, sort and insert into envelopes our employees’ pay slips. We’ve been saving a lot of time. Our employees appreciate the simple and secure delivery method and really appreciate being able to manage their account on the www.Dokmail.com web site. »

CPE Les Copains d’Abord
Sylvain Marcille

Le petit lutin

« We use ACCEO Chilcare services software a lot. This solution is easy to use, thanks to the grouping of operations by type, for example. The financial statement customization tool is great because it lets us present more relevant information to our Board. The budget forecasting tool also offers a lot of flexibility. We really like the children’s attendance schedule, which helps us better manage and plan our activities. »

CPE Le Pipandor
Lucie Bellemare and Josette Allard

Le petit lutin

« As a new user of ACCEO Childcare services sotware, I find that the program is easy to use and efficient. Activities and functions are grouped in clear categories, information is easy to find, the numerous wizards are very useful, and, when I need help, Customer Service responds quickly. »

CPE Les P’tites frimousses de la Merci
Émilie Châtelain