Tiempo App

A web application that connects to your ACCEO childcare services software

The Tiempo web application is designed for childcare services and connects to our ACCEO Childcare Services management software. Using an internet connection, CPE or daycare staff and parents can access the application from their computers or mobile devices to perform a range of customary tasks. Managers can then use the specially designed wizard to transfer the data from Tiempo to ACCEO Childcare Services.

Tiempo will streamline day-to-day tasks for your staff, improve communication with parents, and increase overall efficiency.

Tiempo module options for your software

SDG - Feuilles de temps


This option makes managing timesheets easier. Your staff can conveniently enter their timesheets in Tiempo, and supervisors can verify and approve them directly in the application. When timesheets are approved, managers (or accountants) can import them into the ACCEO Childcare Services software in order to process payroll using the Human Resources module.

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SDG - Signature

Electronic signatures

ACCEO Childcare Services provides the option to sign documents electronically from our Tiempo web application. The application lets you send attendance sheets from your software to parents for their signature, and then import them back into your software after they are signed. Parents will have access to Tiempo so they can effortlessly sign their documents. This solution is secure and approved by the Ministère de la Famille. This option will continue to evolve to enable electronic signatures on additional software documents.

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Children’s attendance in faciliy

Thanks to this new module from Tiempo, we will add a new module to Tiempo to enable educators to record children’s attendance using a mobile device (tablet and mobile phone) or a computer. The information will be synchronized with ACCEO Childcare Services to enable you to integrate actual attendances and easily invoice additional and late charges.

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