Tiempo - Timesheets

Timesheet management made simple and fast

Tiempo makes it easier for your staff to log their work hours and faster for your supervisors to approve timesheets. The application connects directly to our ACCEO Childcare Services management software. Timesheets that are entered and approved in Tiempo can then be imported into our software’s Human Resources module for payroll processing.

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All the features that you need

For employees – In the Tiempo web application

Timesheet entry

Employees enter their work hours by installation, enter the number of meals taken, and add a note whenever needed.

Bank balances

Employees can consult their time bank balances (vacation, time off, holidays, etc.) and bank or use the hours on their timesheet.

Daily health form (COVID-19)

Employees can fill out the COVID-19 symptom disclosure form daily on Tiempo.

For employees supervisors – In the Tiempo web application

Timesheet approval

Supervisors manage their team’s timesheets from Tiempo using the features to approve, reject and indicate a reason, and correct a timesheet when necessary.

Timesheet status

Supervisors can see the status of their team’s timesheets for the week: not submitted, submitted, approved, rejected, recalled, or returned.

Daily health From (COVID-19)

On a given day, supervisors can see at a glance which employees have reported symptoms that constitute COVID-19 risk factors.

For managers – In the ACCEO Childcare Services software

Configure parameters

Managers configure the Tiempo parameters within the software: time bank balances, payroll items, default values, authorized approvers, etc.

Synchronize files with Tiempo

Managers select the employee files to be synchronized with Tiempo. They will have access to the application to enter and approve timesheets.

Import timesheets

Payroll managers import the approved timesheets from Tiempo into the software. They can make corrections on timesheets whenever needed.

Order the Tiempo – Timesheets option

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Plan 1 – 1 to 20 employees

Basic fees (including the training video): $390
Annual subscription : 360$

$750 for the first year
$360 for subsequent years

Plan 2 – 21 to 40 employees

Basic fees (including the training video): $390
Annual subscription : $480

$870 for the first year
$480 for subsequent years

Plan 3 – 41 + employees

Basic fees (including the training video): $390
Annual subscription : $600

$990 for the first year
$600 for subsequent years

Plans include:
o Access to the option in your ACCEO Childcare Services software;
o Access for employees to the Tiempo application for timesheets;
o Timesheets video tutorial available at any time;
o Updates and enhancements to the feature;
o Software and technical support for ACCEO Childcare Services software users;
o Timesheet data import bridge for payroll

For clients who have Webmaster: When you purchase a Tiempo plan, a rebate of $120 per year will be applied on the Platinum Plan and the Office coordinator Plan of the Webmaster subscription.

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