Training Program

Training is a powerful leverage tool to increase your productivity, and is a highly profitable investment. Training sessions let you review, practice and become more familiar with your management solution, as well as optimize certain processes, among others. Equipped with their market experience and their knowledge, our consultants can address any situation for both beginner and advanced users by providing answers, specific examples, and suggestions.

Training for new users, to start in the best way

Our team offers customized training for new users. Obtain practical training tailored to your specific needs, in your offices or through the Internet. Our consultants will guide you in the implementation of a new version, or in the use of the various modules of your management solution.

Continuous training, to get the most out of your software

Our training team is always there to help you maximize the use of your management solution through online training. If you have been using Gestionnaire or Smart Office for a while, you may need to refresh or expand your knowledge of it. Customized online training is offered for advanced users on numerous subjects.

Year-end statements preparation session – 2022 Training

Two training session will be available in English as a webinar:

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